Going Above & Beyond in NYC

    We recently received an email from a clients son, Ken, reflecting on the wonderful on-boarding experience he had with us for his mother's care. All thanks to the patience, support and diligence from one of our manager trainees, Peter McKasty, going #Above&Beyond!

    Follow the story below:

    "My mother's services had previously been provided by another home healthcare agency in the area.  We were informed by her insurer that her current HHC agency was being dropped as an approved care giver so had to embark on a search for a new care team from their approved list.  As you can imagine this comes with a bit of stress and anxiety as everything had been working smoothly and we were not happy to leave that comfort zone.

    Peter McKasty,
    manager trainee

    Having made several calls to a few different approved care providers, we had the good fortune to connect with Peter M at Premier.  After an initial very positive call with Peter, I shared with my family the details and level of service Premier could provide for our mother and we felt hopeful that perhaps Premier would be the right choice.  We remained cautious because we had been disappointed two times before from other providers either not following through or not able to offer the care according to her care plan.

    I want to share with you that Peter came through again and again never disappointing us.  We were fortunate to be able to have my mothers Aides transition with us to Premier.  Peter detailed for us the steps that would be necessary and the approximate timeline to get this done and always provided us with updates as to the status of each Aide along the way.  We wanted to make a seamless transition for our mother so when the deadline came to move over they would be able to do it simultaneously.  Thanks to Peter's diligent efforts, we were very happy to transition over last week and with her Aides in place!

    This is a very challenging time with so many people working remotely.   Peter did a superb job communicating with me by phone and email.  And if he did not have information on anything we asked about he said he would get back to us and always did within the timeline he promised.  As we approached the transition date he was in touch with the insurer to assure all the necessary authorizations were in place for Premier to take over our mother's care.  He is very attentive and seemed genuinely concerned to make this a good experience for our family.  And that he did!"

    Thank you, Ken, for all your kind words and for trusting us with your mother's care. We look forward to continuing to deliver top quality care to you and your mother!

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