Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. is part of a collective effort that strives to shift the healthcare system’s focus from ineffective, fractured care, with volume-driven revenue to a more integrated, community-based system of care with improved outcome-driven revenue and overall quality of care delivery.

    Value-Based Purchasing

    Premier’s service delivery goals:

    • Outcome-based service provision (that assures provision of high-quality population health care)
    • An enhanced member care experience (within the economic constraints of the managed care environment)

    Premier’s community-based service delivery platform is designed to provide comprehensive health care program options with clinical pathways to meet members and health plan goals relative to:

    • Care outcomes
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Program quality benchmarks/goals
    • Aggregate PMPM member spending budgets

    Premier’s community-based service delivery platform is composed of:

    • Care Management/Utilization Review
    • RTD: Real Time Data Management
    • ATSP: Aide Task Service Plan
    • Licensed Home Care Services

    Our platform comfortably operates in a Shared Risk Service Level Agreement quality and economic-focused environment.

    To learn more about our Value-Based Payment options, call Premier Home Health Care Services today at 1-866-263-5118. We are here to help.