Making A Difference in Manhattan

    Ms. Perez has been a patient of Premier for only 9 months, but she has developed a strong bond with her home health aides.  Ms. Perez has a history of depression, so when she started talking about suicide, her aides took it seriously and reported it to their coordinator Noelia Hernandez, as well as reporting via Premier’s Real-Time Telephony reporting system.

    Working with the patient’s nurse case manager and the Premier Clinical team, Noelia ensured everything possible was being done to keep Ms. Perez safe.

    One morning when her aide arrived to the home, she found that Ms. Perez had left the gas stove on and was in bed.  When asked why she had left the stove on, and Ms. Perez told her aide that she was “tired of life.”  The aide immediately called her coordinator Noelia, who in response, called 911 and informed the contract case manager, Premier clinical team, and the patient’s grandson.

    Ms. Perez was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, and to ensure the proper community resources would be in place before she returned home.  Noelia stayed in contact with the patient’s family.  When Ms. Perez was ready to be released from the hospital, she went to stay with her grandson in another borough for a few days.  Noelia ensured she was able to send her aides to provide service in Ms. Perez’s grandson’s home while she remained there.  Ms. Perez’s family was very grateful for the team's quick action on behalf of their patient.   Her grandson, Orlando, told Noelia “You are an angel, and the people from Premier are angels too. You saved my grandmother’s life.  I am extremely happy and thankful for the Premier staff.”

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