Premier Home Health Care Services Inc., developed a process called Real Time Data Management as a cost-effective solution for population health management aimed at increasing accountability of the provider, improving care for the patient and reducing overall costs.

    Premier’s RTD is made up of three critical components: Training, Data Collection, and Data Management. Together, this innovative model has allowed our contracted partners to improve patient health outcomes and succeed in Value Based Purchasing (VBP) arrangements.

    Real Time Data Components

    1. Enhanced Training Program Focused on Patient Health Outcomes
    2. Data Collection and Transmission Utilizing Technology
    3. Dashboard Management for Population Health

    Real Time Data Goals


    Increase Accountability

    Comprehensive, enhanced training of the direct care workforce results in improved employee effectiveness, retention, and job satisfaction. Our Observe, Ask, Report (OAR) training is disease specific and technology specialty education aimed at enhancing the direct care workers understanding of quality metrics, potentially avoidable hospitalization opportunities, and social determinants of health.

    Improve Care

    Enhanced training, combined with timely intervention based on actionable data from the home or other care setting results in reduced hospitalizations and improved patient outcomes. We have seen these results hold true when evaluating key quality measure indicators in a duals population over both a 30-day and 90- day period.

    Reduce Cost

    Improvement in identifying decline or signs and symptoms of these diagnoses are critical to driving down cost.

    By utilizing our RTD program to collect, store and analyze data and trends, we are able to better manage the care of our individual clients in real time as well as predict future trends of the population as a whole, all while reducing the overall cost of care.

    If you want to learn more about our Real Time Data Program, call Premier Home Health Care Services today at 1-866-263-5118.         We are here to help!