Premier Home Health Care Services Inc. is a leading provider of staffing solutions for clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida. We specialize in providing solutions that can help facilities and agencies reduce overhead while increasing coverage.

    How Premier’s Nursing Staffing Solutions Can Help:

    A staff shortage can deeply impact the quality of care that hospitals and other service providers can deliver. At Premier, our staffing solutions can help avoid such a risky scenario.

    Summer/Holiday Staff Relief: 

    Premier has experienced registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nurse’s aides (CNAs) who are available to help your organization maintain its current staffing ratios during the summer and holiday vacation seasons.

    Transitional Care: 

    The cost of caring for a discharged patient at home is more affordable than continuing to treat them in the hospital. Premier offers NPs, RNs, LPNs, IV therapy nursing, and home health aides who can provide the care these patients need outside of the hospital setting, thus enabling a facility to expedite discharging clients safely back into the community where treatments can continue.

    Health Plan Assessments: 

    Premier’s Utilization Review/Care Management Services Division provides delegated member assessment services (enrollment, reassessment, SCIC) on behalf of health plans for Medicaid, PACE, MAP, FIDA, MLTSS/MLTCP

    Care Management: 

    Premier provides population health management services for dual-eligible and Medicaid health plan members inclusive of all required enrollment and reassessment services, development of the member center plan of care, and ongoing interdisciplinary team member care management services in a PMPM shared risk model.

    Medically-Ordered Sitter:

    Outsourcing a medically-ordered sitter can help reduce FTE costs (full-time equivalent) and staff overtime. Premier staff is available for day, evening, and night shifts, and on weekends, and can respond rapidly to last-minute coverage requests.

    Cluster Care/Shared Aide:

    A cluster care/shared aide system helps reduce the cost of aide services and improves the efficiency of care delivery in multi-unit dwellings, multi-client households, assisted living facilities, select neighborhoods, and other structures and settings where more than one patient is being cared for.

    Does your organization need better staffing solutions? Find out how Premier Home Health Care Services can assist your hospital, clinic, home health agency, or other medical facility by calling 1-866-263-5118 today.