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    This is Prime season in Naples Florida, welcoming tourist from those cold states needing an escape. The city of Naples is part of Collier County, and surrounding areas that normal population is 375,752 according to the US State of Florida Census. During the snowbird season, the population increases by another 100,000 minimal. Average age is 66 years old, which makes this area a Haven for Home Healthcare Agencies, and Healthcare workers.

    Due to all those lovely snowbirds visiting Naples, out traffic is horrific, grocery stores are busy, and the local restaurants filled to capacity, making it very hard to navigate the area. Yet, all of our working staff manage to get to their patients on time and with a smile.

    The Pandemic has hit Southwest Florida very hard. We have a tough time recruiting new Home Health Aides for the increasing census needing care. This has placed added pressure on our existing staff. There are childcare concerns for our aides as Covid outbreaks closes many schools, and parents have no options but to stay home with their children. That being said, we have amazing aides that are making it work, showing up and doing a great job.

    The work of an HHA /CNA is onerous, besides taking care of patients personal needs, they are required to provide “light housekeeping” duties, including cleaning toilets, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry and many more duties. Often we find that “light housekeeping” can be interpreted in many ways. One patient insisted that washing his car was included in these duties. However, one call to the Nursing Supervisor and the patient was quickly educated on the specifics of the aide’s scope of practice.

    Being a caregiver, whether it is a RN, LPN, or HHA/CNA, is often a selfless, yet fulfilling job. Sometime we are the only people a patient will come in contact with for days. We become their family, taking on more that is required or expected according to our job description. I have many examples of selflessness from our Naples office aides. Many aides purchase groceries and items of necessity with their own money, for those with limited income and resources. We even have an example of a staff member purchasing a Television for a Dementia patient whose only companion was his TV that recently gave out.

    It is impossible to single out praise for just one of our HHA’s/CNA’s. They are all hardworking, dedicated members of our team. We have a large population of Hispanic aides and some are terrific cooks. They often bring their Latin foods into the patient’s homes and give them a taste of their country’s cuisine. We have received many compliments from family members praising the black beans, rice and pork given to their parent. This act of compassion is never requested or required from our aide, but is very common.

    We would like to thank all of our caregivers that go that extra mile to do your job, and make someone’s day bright. You are greatly appreciated in our Naples office. Keep up the good work, and management is always a phone call away.

    -Esmeralda Montez | Office Administrator, Naples


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