Leadership Updates: Asian Division

    We are so proud to announce some leadership updates in our Asian Division Branch. Let's get to know your team leaders!



    LingLing Li is the Director of the Asian Division and also the team's Director of Patient Services. 

    Ling, who has around 40 years nursing experience,  had worked in Shenyang Hospital, Shenyang Public Health Department and Shenyang Department of Health in China; she has worked in a doctor office, nursing home and training school in the US before she joined Premier. Joining Premier in 2006, Ling  was the first Chinese Speaking filed nurse supervisor and was promoted to the Director of Asian Division in 2008.  

    During her 16 years tenure with Premier, Ling Li has overseen CHHA , MLTC , Private Pay, Nursing Skill patients, and services within 5 boroughs as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens.  Ling Li has successfully used her business strategy and clinical background to expanded Premier Asian division to become one of the biggest language programs in the community. In 2022, She is looking forward to working with her new managers to achieve new business goals. 

    In her free time, Ling’s enjoys participating in outdoor activities including, golfing, fishing, and hiking.


    elaineXiaowen Elaine Li has a Bachelor of Finance and Investments from Baruch College. She joined Premier Home Health Care in February 2013 as has held numerous positions within the organization, including Staffing Coordinator, Compliance Supervisor, Contract Manager and has recently been promoted to Office Administrator in January 2022. Elaine’s responsibilities include managing the overall of operational team.  Her major focus has been to educate staff at all levels of daily operation to ensure all staff provide the quality customer service and monitor our home health aide’s high quality of services delivered in the field. Her 9 years with Premier has revolved around strengthening her leadership through experience, continued study and adaptation. Elaine is looking forward to leading her team to achieve their goals in 2022. 

    In her personal time, Elaine likes to travel, enjoy in outdoor activities and spend time with her family.


    zoeQiting Mo (Zoe) has recently been promoted as the Operations Manager for Premier Asian Chinese Team in 2022. She joined Premier Home Health Care in December 2014 and has held numerous positions within the company, including staffing coordinator, payroll coordinator and operations manager trainee.  During the time holding all these positions she has built up her knowledge of daily operations and home care industry specifically within the Chinese community and it has equipped her with the right tools to succeed in her management position today. Her job responsibility is to manage all aspects of the daily operation; with a focus on overseeing compliance and recruitment to ensure all employees are within compliance and our teams recruit more employees to satisfy the ever growing community need. Zoe is looking forward to increasing the brand recognition of Premier Asian Division and building a good reputation within the Chinese community in 2022.

    In her free time, she likes to travel, sightseeing and try all kinds of cousins; she also enjoys spending time with her family and labradoodle.

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