Booster Up Against COVID!

    During this pandemic, we have experienced life-altering changes. Some of us have lost our loved ones, jobs, and most of all, our sense of normalcy. We have suffered enough. It is time for us to fight and take control of this disease by getting your booster vaccine. If you have not returned back to work due to fear, fear not, get vaccinated and come back to your Premier Family. Our elderly and most vulnerable individuals need your caring hands and support. Spread the word to family and friends to get vaccinated to help save lives and fight against COVID.

    Follow the steps below:

    • Get your Booster
    • If you are not working, return back to work
    • Call your respective Premier office for work. We need you!
    • Stay safe – go to your respective Premier office and pick up PPE Supplies
    • Practice social distancing when possible
    • Masks up when around others & in crowded places
    • Stay Healthy – see your primary care physician for routine visits
    • Stay Home when you are feeling sick

    Let us take control of our lives and regain our independence. Together we can beat COVID!


    Be Safe & Healthy,

    Dakisha McNeil

    Bronx Director of Operations

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