Healthy Aging Month

    September is also Healthy Aging Month and Premier Home Health Care cares deeply about all our members and want to make sure they are living their healthiest and best lives. This month we want to focus on the significance of a healthy lifestyle and the great effects it can have on our lives. We have complied a list of ways to help you stay healthy physically and mentally.

    • Journal:

    Keeping a journal can help reduce stress and strengthen emotional functions. Journaling can help you stay accountable by putting your words into action. Start your day by writing down what you are most grateful for and end your day by writing down something you learned during the day.

    • Take one task at a time:

    Having a busy workload can become overwhelming. Balancing your day-to-day life is extremely important. If you focus on one task at a time, you give yourself the ability to notice the small details, which leads you to complete tasks accurately. Once you complete a task, cross it off your list. By physically crossing off a task from a list can help you feel satisfied and keeps you motivated.

    • Exercise:

    Moving our bodies, helps keep us healthy during aging. There are many types of movement and exercises available to you. Both meditative movement and physical exercises are activities that you can do by yourself when it fits into your daily schedule. Speak with your doctor to see what type of exercises will work best for you and your lifestyle.

    • Daily Diet:

    Maintaining a healthy diet and making necessary changes that work for your lifestyle, is another way continue aging in a healthy manner. Try replacing food items with added sodium and sugars with fruits, vegetables or whole grains.

    • Socialize:

    Making friends, and sharing your story and experiences can help you create bonds of human connection, which is healthy for any age group. Speaking to others can be therapeutic. Talking about your life story can inspire others or help you build strong lasting relationships.

    Speak with your Premier home health aide today and ask them to assist you with any of the above recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Premier is here for you today, tomorrow and your future.

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