Heat Related Illnesses During Summer Sun Safety Month

    Summer is here and so is the heat! Premier wants to educate our communities on the different heat-related illnesses that can affect you if you do not follow proper Sun Safety guidelines. We want you to enjoy your fun in the sun safely. Here are some heat related illnesses to watch out for and what to do while out in the sun.

    Heat Stroke:

    If someone is experiencing a heat stroke, any of the following symptoms may develop: 

    • High body temperature (103F or higher)
    • Losing consciousness
    • Hot, red, dry, or damp skin
    • Fast, strong pulse
    • Headache
    • Confusion
    • Nausea

    If someone is experiencing these symptoms, you need to call 911 immediately. A heat stroke is a medical emergency. While you wait for help to get there, move the person to a cooler spot and DO NOT give the person anything to drink. Apply cool cloths or get the person in a cool bath (if possible) to help lower their temperature.

    Heat Exhaustion:

    Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

    • Fainting (passing out)
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Heavy sweating
    • Fast, weak pulse
    • Cold, pale, and clammy skin
    • Muscle cramps
    • Dizziness
    • Headache

    If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms, move to a cooler place, loosen your/their clothing, slowly sip water and put wet, cool cloths on your/their body. Medical attention is necessary if symptoms get worse, last for longer than an hour or if you/they are throwing up.

    Heat Cramps:

    Symptoms include:

    • Muscle spasms or pain
    • Heavy sweating during intense exercise

    If you experience the above symptoms, stop all physical activity and move to a cool place and drink water or a sports drink. Before continuing any physical activities, wait for the cramps to go away. You will need medical attention if the cramps last for more than an hour, you have heart problems or if you are on a low-sodium diet.

    For more information contact:

    Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.

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