Employee Review from Charlotte, NC

    "As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), working with Premier Home Health Care was my first choice and my first job as a health care giver. It is an outstanding agency that provides compassionate highly skilled professionals to care for the sick and elderly with special needs or those who need companionship for their sick loved ones. 

    Grace Ejiofor, CNA - Charlotte, NC

    The Management and staff members are of the highest caliber; operate with integrity, efficiency and always a pleasure to work with. I have been a part and team member of Premier Home Care for so many years now, and very pleased with my experience with them as a caregiver.  They are always supportive, looking out for their employees and patients always. 

    The peace of mind is priceless, Premier work with the caregivers and patients to find the perfect fit that works best for both parties.  All Premier caregivers are well trained, experienced and dedicated to the services they render.  Premier treats their workers with respect and love as a family. 

    Being a Premier team member was quite a privilege because it exposed me to so many areas of caregiving and have gained a lot of experience in my choices of career. It gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment knowing that I am making a difference in someone's life with each shift of caregiving. Knowing my schedule and the patient care plan ahead helps me plan ahead, though it can be challenging sometimes, but they help me feel more confident in my abilities.

    Being a personal family caregiver can feel overwhelming at times with other engagements, Premier Home Care provide home caregiving to help you find time for yourself.

    If you need help caring for a family member or loved ones, I highly recommend Premier Home Care health services. This agency is top-notch in all areas.  Premier family is truly a caring company, so join our team as a caregiver, CNA, PCA and other medical services field."

    Grace Ejiofor
    Charlotte, NC

    For more information contact:

    Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.

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