February: Heart Health Awareness Month

    As we celebrate Heart Health Awareness Month, we are reminded how important our lifestyle decisions are and the impact it has on our heart. Influences that can affect our heart health include but are not limited to: diet, physical activity, stress levels and smoking habits.

    Taking actionable measures and gaining new healthy behaviors can prolong your heart’s lifespan. Finding a balance between all components of what keeps you healthy is essential to maintaining a structure routine on your daily activities and helps reduce stress levels that impact your well-being.

    Heart Health Tips

    Here are some tips to help improve your heart health:

    1. Keep a healthy diet: Have an extra fruit or vegetable a day
    2. Stay hydrated: Substitute sugar drinks with water
    3. Manage stress by focusing on daily achievements and positive thoughts to maintain blood pressure at low levels
    4. Get your daily 7 hours of sleep
    5. Floss daily to maintain a healthy dental hygiene- avoiding bacteria helps prevent gum disease which affects the bloodstream and promotes heart disease
    6. Avoid Smoking
    7. Relax your body by taking a few minutes each day to breathe deeply- this also helps in lowering your blood pressure

    Premier and our workforce are here to help and support you with living a healthier lifestyle every day. Remember to always raise your concerns regarding your health to your family, your caregiver and your doctor. Your aide can help with directing you to the appropriate path in receiving the knowledge and health support you need based on your concerns. With Premier, you are always in the best care!

    For more information contact:

    Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.

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