Eating Healthy Fresh Food Even in Winter Months

    As we discussed in our recent blog, 5 Nutrition Tips for Overall Health, nutrition is a critical ingredient for overall health. Winter weather can sometimes make eating healthy more challenging. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. can help make living healthier easier year-round.

    Identifying the Challenges

    For many, cooking can be a joy and a fun way to connect with loved ones. But for those with conditions that can negatively impact energy levels, the tasks of shopping, preparing meals and cooking can be a struggle. And in winter months, getting to the market to find fresh, healthy ingredients can be difficult. Poor weather and cold temperatures can leave many of us feeling that it’s easier to rely on less healthy choices like canned food or pre-packaged meals.

    Additionally, many experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or “the winter blues,” which can impact appetite. For those struggling with seasonal depression, a lack of interest in food can make it more difficult to stick to a nutrition plan.

    How Home Health Care Can Help

    Premier’s home health aides can help run errands (such as shopping for groceries), as well as prepping and cooking healthy and nutritious meals. Our care management team will work with our clients’ doctors and nutritionists to ensure that meals our aides prepare are aligned with prescribed diets specific to each client’s needs.

    Tips for Eating Healthy in Winter Months

    In addition to the help Premier’s team can provide in shopping for healthy and fresh ingredients, the following tips can help caregivers and clients keep kitchens stocked with great options for delicious and nutritious winter fare.

    Not in the mood for salad or raw veggies during the cold winter months? Soup, stew and roasted veggies are great alternative ways of getting your vitamins and minerals – and warming up at the same time!

    Learn more about how Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. can help you with shopping, meal preparation and maintaining a healthy diet during the winter months. Call us today at 1-866-668-4429.

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