Premier Medical House Calls and Telephonic Surveys

Premier Medical House Calls and Nurse Practitioner Services

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Premier Home and Health Care Services, Inc.’s Adult and Family Certified Nurse Practitioner Services provides a full array of population perspective Health Risk Assessments for Medicare and Medicaid population wellness management, as well as HCC Risk Scoring to ensure ICD-10 coding accuracy designed to enhance HEDIS, and CAHPS measures and overall STAR ratings.

Our services feature:

  • A 70% completion rate.
  • A 99% accuracy rating in coding (that a multi-cultural and member language focused NP staff provides, which Premier’s Medical Director oversees)

Additionally, the program provides:

  • NP member wellness screenings and services
  • Transitional care programs
  • NP staffing
  • Automated pre-pour
  • Telephonic health screening/assessment services

If you want to learn more about our telephonic surveys and house call services, call Premier Home Health Care Services today at 1-866-263-5118. We are here to help.