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Premier Home Health Care: Agency Profile

For more than 20 years, our agency has specialized in providing clients with in-home long-term and certified home health care services.

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Mission and Vision

Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. was founded in 1992 in White Plains, New York. Today, Premier provides compassionate care to more than 15,000 clients on a weekly basis through our comprehensive suite of services. We are committed to providing high-quality services to individual clients and their families, as well as to health care organizations in need of supplemental staffing (such as health plans, certified home health and hospice agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities).

We work hard to remain the leading service provider of home health and healthcare staffing services. We aim for this standard every day, redefining industry quality standards through our delivery models, innovative tools, extensive staff training and education, and by utilizing the latest advancements in technology.

To ensure that this vision becomes a viable reality, we’ve developed and implemented culturally-sensitive service delivery programs to the communities we serve, and we also continue to advance our staff’s knowledge and skills through targeted, disease-specific training. In addition, we advocate for improvements in industry, community, client, and employee sectors. We practice fiscal responsibility, and secure economic growth, and pursue advancements in technology to improve client care, operations, and services. Finally, we identify community-based service and education needs through the planning and creation of programs to meet those needs. One example of this is our ability to provide service to over 3,000 Asian-speaking clients in our New York City market, many of whom speak a variety of different languages and dialects. For more information regarding our community and cultural programs, please call us at 1-866-263-5118.

Mission and Vision Mission and Vision

Affiliated Companies

Premier is the parent company to several subsidiary providers and affiliates that are fully dedicated to delivering quality in-home care for clients and experienced staffing solutions for local health care facilities and organizations.

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