Salvatrice (Tricia) Serio-Scerbo - Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer

Salvatrice (Tricia) Serio-Scerbo

Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer

Salvatrice (Tricia) Serio-Scerbo joined Premier Home Healthcare, Inc. in April of 2018 as the Corporate Compliance/Privacy Officer. Ms. Serio-Scerbo is responsible for ensuring that the Federal and State rules and policies are enforced and followed throughout the organization.   Ms. Serio-Scerbo has spent over 16 years in the healthcare industry, specifically focusing on regulatory compliance.  Throughout her career she has held senior leadership roles and has developed strong relationships with board members and leaders in healthcare.

Her experience has been in strategic planning and execution, formulating policy, building and developing business integrity programs within an organization. She has been a strategic partner with assisting in the organization’s operations in establishing methods to improve efficiency and quality of services, and to reduce the vulnerability to fraud, abuse, and waste.   Tricia worked from private healthcare organizations to the largest healthcare system regionally and nationally.   She has also consulted in the healthcare industry for one of the Big 4 consultants firm. Tricia holds a MPA and  JD degree as well as a doctorate of Public Health.